The Weekly Wrap Up



This Review is of games played from 17 June – 22 June

Here are results over the past few days:

Fixtures and Results:

Belgium 2 – 1 Algeria

Australia 2 – 3 Netherlands

Brazil 0 – 0 Mexico

Russia 1 – 1 Korea Republic

Cameroon 0 – 4 Croatia

Colombia 2 – 1 Côte d’Ivoire

Spain 0 – 2 Chile

Italy 0 – 1 Costa Rica

Japan 0 – 0 Greece

Uruguay 2 – 1 England

Argentina 1 – 0 Iran

Honduras 1 – 2 Ecuador

Switzerland 2 – 5 France

Belgium 1 – 0 Russia

Germany 2 – 2 Ghana

Nigeria 1 – 0 Bosnia-Herzegovina

Korea Republic 2 – 4 Algeria

United States 2 – 2 Portugal

Player of The Week: Luis Suarez (Mention – Karim Benzema)

Showed no signs of slow energy of injury as right from the get-go he was up for it. Scored the opener with a wonderfully taken header after a perfect lofted pass from Cavani and later, pounced on a defensive mistake from Gerrard to lash a strike home for his second. After being laughed at in England for crying, he made most of England cry.

Close Contenders:

Guillermo Ochoa

Mario Mandzukic

Lionel Messi

Goal of The Week – Tim Cahill vs Netherlands (Mention – Lionel Messi vs Iran)

Assist of The Week – Ronaldo’s cross to Varela (United States vs Portugal

Controversial Decisions:

France penalty, Iran penalty not given, Dzeko offside call, Costa Rica penalty not given..another Ref Rant maybe?

Nation of The Week – Costa Rica

Underperformers – Italy

Upset – Costa Rica 1 – 0 Italy

Underperformers – Steven Gerrard, Iker Casillas and Sergio Aguero

Match of The Week – Australia 2-3 Netherlands (Mention – United States 2 – 2 Portugal)

FootballsToYou Moment of Madness – Alex Song Elbow to Mandzukic

FootballsToYou Match of The Week – Belgium 1 Russia 0

FootballsToYou Player of The Week – Bruno Alves


Lionel Messi scored a breathtaking goal in the 91st minute of the match to put Argentina through to the next round. It was the spark of life in the dying moments that made the match so memorable and it was truly amazing what he did.

Miroslav Klose equalled Ronaldo Lima’s record of 15 World Cup goals and it was decisive goal too, an equalizer versus Ghana. In his 4 World Cups, he has 15, while England in their last 4 World Cups have 17 goals. Staggering stuff.

Karim Benzema scored a goal and gave 2 assists in a game, Agreed, he missed a penalty, but he was a menace for the Swiss defence. He was unlucky not to have his second goal allowed.

Wayne Rooney scored a World Cup goal finally, and it was a weight of the striker’s shoulders. He put in a brilliant performance and was unlucky not to have a brace to his name.

Mario Mandzukic scored a brace and put Croatia in a strong position in the group. Kudos to him.

Guillermo Ochoa had a great game between the sticks, stopping everything that came his way, be it from 25 yards or 5 yards. He made a total of 9 saves and he is the sole reason Mexico did not concede a goal.

Jonathan Mensah was brilliant in the back for Ghana, and tried to do his best to keep a strong German attack quiet. He put his body on the line and made many good interceptions and tackles.

– Shoutout to Ghana for their brilliant celebration after Andre Ayew’s goal, giving Colombia some competition.

– Congratulations to Costa Rica for proving all doubters wrong and making an abolsute mockery of the Group of Death, as they toiled to a 1-0 victory over Italy and essentially knocked England out, whilst qualifying themselves.

– Congratulations to Algeria also, who set an African record of most goals scored in a World Cup game in their 4-2 win over Republic of Korea.

Alex Song’s moment of madness was unique. He was running and decide to go bat crap crazy on Mandzukic, god knows what happened! Perhaps Mario reminded him of the Barcelona bashing.

England’s captain Steven Gerrard won the game for the opposition yet again, with England crashing out of the World Cup, somewhat prematurely.

Marouane Fellaini said he would go bald, only on one condition…Belgium win the World Cup. Manchester United fans, don’t worry, he will play in his afro next season. Although, that would be the only reason we’d want Belgium to win.

Spain had another bad outing versus Chile, after they were beaten 2-0 and had nothing to show for themselves. They have been utter rubbish this World Cup. The only thing they will be taking back from the World Cup are 5 Oranjes and 2 Chiles.

Congratulations to Netherlands, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina, Belgium, Colombia and France for qualifying to the Round of 16.

Commiserations to Spain, Australia, Cameroon, Honduras, England and Bosnia & Herzegovina as they crashed out of the World Cup.

FootballsToYou Team of The Week –

Team Of The Week –



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