Group Stage Wrap-Up



FootBallsToYou brings to you the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Group Stage Wrap Up.

The following teams made it through to the next round:

Group Winners A-H: Brazil, Netherlands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, France, Germany and Belgium.

Group Runners-Up A-H: Mexico, Chile, Greece, Uruguay, Nigeria, Switzerland, United States and Algeria.

The following teams were sent home:

Eliminations A-H: Croatia, Cameroon; Spain, Australia; Cote D’Ivoire, Japan; Italy, England (LOL); Bosnia & Herzegovina, Irán; Ecuador, Honduras; Portugal, Ghana; Russia, Korea Republic.

Top 5 Matches of The Group Stage:

Spain 1 – 5 Holland

Nigeria 2 – 3 Argentina

Germany 2 – 2 Ghana

Republic of Korea 2 – 4 Algeria

Switzerland 2 – 5 France

Top 5 Goals of The Group Stage:

  1. Robin van Persie header vs Spain
  2. Tim Cahill volley vs Netherlands
  3. Xherdan Shaqiri 1st vs Honduras
  4. Lionel Messi vs Iran
  5. Arjen Robben’s 2nd vs Spain

Top 5 Nations of The Group Stage:





Costa Rica

FootballsToYou Top 5 Nations of The Group Stage:






Brazil 2014 has seen 136 goals in the Group Stages, while South Africa 2010 saw 145 goals overall.

This has been a phenomenal World Cup already with lots of upsets and shocks and drama. Let us take a look at the main talking points.

Refereeing has been horrible for most of the matches but we found a few shocking decisions that the referees made (or didn’t) that played a major role in the matches.

1) Fred’s dive to earn a penalty vs Croatia. A blatant dive, god knows why the referee gave it. That led to Brazil scoring the winner and essentially booting Croatia

2) Claudio Marchisio’s red card. It was dangerous, agreed. Was it red card worthy? Definitely not. If he hadn’t been sent off, it was safe to say Italy wouldn’t have lost.

3) Luis Suarez’s bite. He bit the player, the player showed the bite marks, but no avail as the officials didn’t do anything. He should’ve been off and put Uruguay to 10 men. But, he stayed on and Uruguay did go through.

4) Giovanni Dos Santos offside calls. He scored 2 goals and both were adjudged to be offside. Were they? LOL NO. He was clearly onside for both goals and it would’ve costed Mexico 2 points, had Oribe Peralta not scored Mexico’s what should’ve been – 3rd goal.

Nations Talk. The rise and demise of the top nations and some surprises.

The Flops:

England. A team budding with young talents, they were like Danny Welbeck’s performances. Full of hard work but reaping no efforts. Their veterans Rooney, Gerrard etc let them down and bad defending too. A lot of work needs to be done if they want to be real contenders for 2018. If anything, Hodgson needs to be fired and they must Shaw to develop Raheem Sterling. Dismal performance, 2 goals scored, 1 point earned. Messi carries Argentina, Neymar carries Brazil and British Airways carries England.

Spain. They were blitzed by a ruthless Holland and torn apart by a classy Chile. Their play was predictable, boring and unattractive. They had no Plan B and no real attacking flair. Their premature end at this competition was not expected, but in hindsight, it was a long time coming. End of an era. R.I.P Tiki-Taka.

The Shining Stars:

Brazil. The hosts topped Group A and have become real favourites for this tournament. Spearheaded by Neymar, backed by Oscar and a superb defence, they cruised through the group, but they too seem lacking a Plan b and can come up short if Neymar is shunned.

They will need to produce a superb display to beat Chile, which which will be a tough task.

Argentina. Three wins out of three for Argentina. They have looked a very good side and look capable of doing the job this time out. A big blow would be losing Sergio Aguero through injury for the remainder of the tournament. One downside we can see to their game is this – Argentina have won 3 games, Messi has won 3 MOTM awards. Argentina have scored a total of 5 goals. Messi has scored 4. Over-reliance on their talisman.

Germany. The giants of the cup who began with a thumping of Portugal by 4 goals to nothing. They got a total of 7 points and were probably lucky versus Ghana and their effort was great versus USA. That being said, they look formidable opponents to any team and are our pick to make it all the way. If Thomas Muller, who has a conversion rate of 67% this world cup keeps firing, and you’re good Joachim Low.

The Surprises:

Netherlands. After their heroics in 2010, a few expected Louis van Gaal’s men to survive. It is safe to say they exceeded expectations. They gave a new a outlook to the game and they showed 3 different performances versus 3 different teams. They thrilled versus Spain, dug deep versus Australia and were very practical versus Chile. Their physical approach has been successful too, they did concede 68 fouls, more than any other team. The Oranje have steamrolled into the R/16 and Mexico await them. Keep Robben and van Persie happy, it will be a Dutch party in Brazil this summer.

Colombia. They won their group with 3 victories and have excelled beyond all doubts. Without their main talisman Radamel Falcao, many wrote them off, but the best conversion rate of 31% and dazzling displays from the likes Jackson Martinez, James Rodriguez and Cuadrado, they are the underdogs of this World Cup.

Costa Rica. Thought to be dead before arriving in the Group of Death, they successfully made a mockery of this Group. They shocked Uruguay and Italy claiming 3 points, but they were upsetted by England with a 0-0 draw, which most thought they would win. How long they will go, we do not know, but seeing them play football is amazing and we are excited by what they bring to the World Cup.

Mention to Algeria and Nigeria, the only 2 African nations to make it through, the first time ever 2 African nations have qualified at the same World Cup. History is made.

FACT: Manchester United have the most number of players who have scored goals this World Cup with 6 players (Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Marouane Fellaini, Luis Nani, Chicharito and Juan Mata) and Bayern Munich players have scored the most number of goals with 13 (Muller x 4, Shaqiri x 3, Mandzukic x 2 and Gotze x 1)

TEAM OF THE GROUP STAGE: Guillermo Ochoa; Mats Hummels, Diego Godin, Ron Vlaar; Arturo Vidal, Jermaine Jones, Arjen Robben, James Rodriguez; Neymar Jr., Thomas Muller, Lionel Messi.

FOOTBALLSTOYOU TEAM OF THE GROUP STAGE: Igor Akinfeev; Cesar Azpilicueta, Bruno Alves, Sergio Ramos, Leighton Baines; Luis Nani, Steven Gerrard, Wesley Sneijder, Keisuke Honda; Eder, Sergio Aguero.


One thought on “Group Stage Wrap-Up

  1. I had predicted that Spain would go under soon due to lack of fresh blood and indeas in the team, but I didn’t expect them to fall that fast and that low.
    Netherlands…kind of overrated, I guess. They were good, but they weren’t really challenged in the group phase. As the game against Mexico now showed, they have a lot of weaknesses especially in the defence. The same is true for Argentinia and France….weak groups, it will be interesting to see how they play when they are really challenged.
    Costa Rica was a surprise for me…still, I am routing for Germany. The team is overdue for a title.

    I disagree concerning the bite…it was unfortunate that nobody on the field saw it, but considering the way the two were surrounded by other players and that they didn’t fight for the ball, it is not really surprising. Sadly the ref can’t give a penalty or card for something neither he nor his team witnessed. As long as they don’t allow the use of the cameras for referring (and I think they should for situations like this), things like this will happen again and again. It’s not the fault of the ref, though. He was following the rules. I am just glad that in this case the Fifa can give the player his comeuppance later on.

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