Luis Suarez: A Bit(e) Too Much



It was no surprise to see the internet swing in to action with plenty of Suarez biting. Sorry, baiting.

Luis Suarez. This name will be forever remembered by the generation. Not for his heroics on the pitch, but for the sheer number of controversies he has been involved in. Currently, one of the best strikers in the world, European Golden Boot winner, a strong contender for the FIFA Ballon d’Or, it seemed he was a changed man. But thank you for proving your strongest critics right and well done on embarrassing Liverpool, Uruguay and football in general, once again.

His moment of madness came in the Italy vs Uruguay game. While jostling for the ball with defender Chiellini, it appeared that the striker had tried to bite the Italian. Chiellini went down and there were roars of anguish across the stadium and camera replays showed that yes, Suarez had had a bite of the Italian. Unbelievable. This was the 3rd time he had bitten a player and he became the first Liverpool player since Peter Crouch to score a perfect hat-trick. Neck, right hand and left shoulder.

This man has been disgraced a number of times; versus Ghana in the 2010 World Cup for playing volleyball on the line during extra time to stop the ball from going in and denying Ghana a victory and then dancing on the by line as Gyan missed the penalty. Then in 2010, while playing for Ajax, he bit Otman Bakkal and was subsequently given a 7 match ban. It seemed correct, to do so, and soon we started to realize what kind of a temperament he had. In 2011, he was bought by Liverpool and he was genuine threat to all the rival clubs, with his agility, pace, skill and killer shot. In November of the same year, he was then found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra, and was then banned for 8 games. When Liverpool met Manchester United post his suspension, he did not even shake hands with Patrice Evra. It should be the other way around, shouldn’t it? He was also given a one match suspension for an obscene gesture during a game versus Fulham.

Luis had already become one of the most disliked footballers in England, but yet, nobody could deny his class in front of goal. If not for the lengthy bans, Liverpool would’ve been so much better with him playing. Alas. In April of 2013, while playing against London based side Chelsea, Suarez did what he did best, disgraced himself. He bit Branislav Ivanovic. Mental right? he was banned for 10 games which resulted in him missing the last four games of the 2012/13 season and the opening six games of the 2013/14 season too.

Liverpool had promised that Suarez would get his act right and start behaving in a professional manner. He would change and be remembered for his goals. It all changed this season, when he got 31 goals in a stunning season, where he could not stop scoring and was instrumental for Liverpool. He won the Golden Boot and was awarded the PFA Player Of The Year Award and the Football Writer’s Association (FWA) Player Of The Year Award. We thought he was finally a changed man and almost everyone was convinced that he was a good guy. But he proved us wrong, again. This latest action of his sums it all up. Suarez needs psychiatric help. In a football match, you elbow somebody, you headbutt somebody and receive the correct suspension, but biting somebody is outrageous. This cannibalistic and appalling behaviour is a clear sign of either emotional or psychological imbalance. Bite me once, shame on you; bite me twice, shame on me (for thinking you’d change); bite me thrice, you’re bat crap crazy. There was no reason to even have a go at Chiellini. There was minimal provocation, no reason to bite; and it just shows that Luis Suarez is still the same, damaged human being he was. Nothing has changed apart from maybe his skill as a footballer. Again, we aren’t taking away the fact that he’s a phenomenal player, but there is some character involved in the sport. You do something as radical as a bite once, and never again, we can understand it was a moment of madness. But doing it thrice and every time being within his senses, is inexplicable and disgraceful. Luis Suarez has once again tainted the beautiful game and hurled the World Cup into controversy. The Italy-Uruguay game will not be remembered for Diego Godin’s superb headed goal, but for Suarez’s choice to dig into a bit of Giorgio Cannelloni. If Uruguay get knocked out in the next round (as they did), their campaign will be remembered because of Luis Suarez. It is a shame because a player so mesmerizing to watch on the ball, will never be remembered for the right reasons. It has been statistically proven that you are more likely to be bitten by Luis Suarez than a shark.
His actions were looked into by FIFA and after opening a formal disciplinary hearing and proceedings, they found him to be guilty and banned him for 9 International matches and a gave him a 4 month ban on all footballing activities, which means he cannot train/play with Liverpool until 1st of November, 2014.

Anybody who defends the striker has no sense of morals. FIFA’s ban on the striker is justified. The Uruguayan FA’s president, who called FIFA a biased body that favours European nations and called its sanctions “fascist”, is in need of serious help. They may be biased, but their sanctions are perfect. FIFA wishes to send out a message, that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

When somebody acts in such a dastardly manner, the only way to make him understand the severity of his actions are by taking away what he loves most. And that is football. Alienate him from club and country, and make him realize that his actions do have consequences. Players who have Suarez’s skill who deserve to be at the World Cup, but somebody of Suarez’s character does not. Not only has he let himself down but also his family, his nation, his club and the sport he represents, once more; and this time his actions have touched a nerve, literally and figuratively. It is only a matter of time before he does it again and now the biggest question is, what will Liverpool do with their most prized asset? Is it finally time to severe ties with someone who keeps hurting the reputation of club and defies everything what the club stands for? Only time will tell.

The FootballsToYou verdict is this – Luis Suarez is a great player, but not a great human being. His ban is justified and we cannot find any sympathy for Luis Suarez. Luis Suarez deserves every “bit” of it.  


To end on a lighter note…

There would naturally be jokes and memes and it didn’t take too long. Here are some of the best:

– Luis Suárez has left Liverpool to join Borussia Munchonyourcentreback

– Luis Suarez would like to thank his fangs for their support

– Messi is carrying Argentina, Neymar is carrying Brazil, Chiellini is carrying rabies.

– Just downloaded a video of Luis Suárez’s greatest moments. It was only 3 mega bites

– Generally, in World Cup games, we have a nail biting finish. Well, Suarez had different ideas.

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