Argentina vs Germany : The Preview of The Finals

Muller vs Messi

Muller vs Messi


One month of undying love for the game has led to this moment. All’s world a stage and this is the biggest stage of them all. Billions of eyes on 22 people fighting to be crowned the best in the world. Emotion, skill, hard work is all that matters. What happened in the 6 matches before is inconsequential. Fair, unfair, beautiful, cagey etc, doesn’t matter. What matters, is the result, today. Argentina vs Germany. Germany have finally risen and answered the call and made it to their first final in 12 years. Argentina have been stubborn and have fought their way through and earned the right to compete at the highest of levels. They have met previously in the 2010 World Cup, where Germany bettered the Albiceleste. Argentina, led by Lionel Messi, will be looking make amends and win a World Cup title on Brazilian soil. A sort of a double whammy. No European nation has ever won a World Cup held in South America, so Germany look set to write history. Both teams have their respective talisman, underperformer, heroic goalkeeper. Both teams have just one aim. Winning. Both teams have made their country and people proud, but to lose tonight, would be the cruelest blow ever and the pain would be unmitigated and unimaginable. Although some might say Germany are clear favourites, this is too close to call. One bad day, or one super performance, and the tables tilt and the markets crash. There are no easy pickings and if you bet on one of the teams to lift it, Dr, Joe would call you crazy. Brazil were like little lambs to the slaughter vs Germany, and were absolutely smashed to bits by a superb German display. Argentina needed heroics from keeper Romero to see off Netherlands in extra time, their most unconvincing display as yet. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is the final. The time is now. It is in the hands (or feet) of these men to create history and propel themselves into the elite. The uprising is now. The klaxon has sounded. Rio waits. Your entire nation is watching. Stand up and go back with that gold medal around your neck. Anything lesser than that, is just not acceptable. “Score, coward, this is your only chance.”


Dr. Joe N.H’s views:

Prediction: Argentina 2 – 1 Germany

Argentina’s Man Man To Watch Out For: Lionel Messi

Argentina’s Weak Link: No real quality on the bench.

Germany’s Man To Watch Out For: Mesut Ozil

Germany’s Weak Link: Weak Left Flank


Aaron Johnson’s views:

Prediction: Germany 4 – 2 Argentina

Argentina’s Man Man To Watch Out For: Lionel Messi

Argentina’s Weak Link: Inexperienced players like Rojo

Germany’s Man To Watch Out For: Thomas Müller

Germany’s Weak Link: Pace to cope with Messi


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